Hurt. When you said sorry for all your mistakes, but he didn’t care and forgive all your mistakes. Eventhough, you made a little mistakes

Thankyou for your time, thankyou for care with me tonight{LR}. Night my universe, gws for me :O)

Tulus - Sepatu
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Sepatu - Tulus

When I’m with you. That’s song describe our feeling rightnow.

I hate being nice beside you. Although, you always don’t care and not sensitive with my feeling rightnow

Sakit ga sih dicuekin, ga dipeduliin? malahan yg bukan siapa2 aja perhatian bgt sama lo. Jangan nyesel aja nantinya ya :’)

Akhirnya bisa sibuk juga….bye fan. I don’t wanna think about you anymore.